Jayme looked absolutely stunning! Her dress was white and sparkly with a tint of gold, and perfectly fitted to her figure.  Her hair was straight and she wore simple and natural makeup which enhanced her beautiful features.  Ryan had on a classic white dress shirt with tannish gold bow tie and a tan khaki pants that complimented the outfit.  He was modern and handsome.  The couple was color coordinated and beautiful.  We shot the elopement photoshoot in Auburn, California at Lake Clementine trail.  The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was breathtaking. We were able to see the famous Auburn dam and hiking trail, which was well worth the effort.

To get to know this couple first hand and witness their love for each other has been such a thrill for me.  I’m incredibly inspired by the sincerity of their relationship and how comfortable they are together.  They aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves or each other, and I can tell they trust each other wholeheartedly.  Theirs is such a genuine love story that reminds me of something you would see in a romance novel.  This made my job easy as they were so fun to shoot and it never felt forced.  They took direction well and this was evident as the photos came out gorgeous.  I’m better for having met Jayme and Ryan and I’m really glad they chose me as be their photographer!