I wanted to take a moment to share my fabulous experience at the Enchanting Bridal Show I attended the other day.  My passion is photography and I was delighted to have the opportunity to capture so many exciting events and people in one setting.  My first stop was to check out all the vendors who seemed to be having a great time displaying their work and interacting with all the brides.  I was able to grab a minute with several of them and I was impressed by their passion for their work as well as the time they took to have such professional displays of their services.  I now have a much better appreciation for why so many people take the time to attend these types of events.  I spoke with several brides who told me they received more valuable information in one day then they had in all their other research!

My next stop was to photograph the fashion show.  I had a chance to go behind the scenes while the bride models were prepping their makeup, hair, and trying on the gorgeous dresses (thanks to David Bridal)!  It was one of the highlights of the day as the models were so fun and really embraced their role to the delight of all the brides that got to watch the fashion runway show.  As a wedding and lifestyle photographer, it was really a pleasure to be part of this event and capture the beauty and essence of the show.  My photography style leans toward elegant & romantic with a timeless and cinematic feel and this venue was a perfect fit.